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    I'd like to transfer memos and contacts from s6 with bad video display to PC and/or s8. I have smartswitch on all 3. Using USB cable I can access files on s6 with windows explorer. But, I don't know where memos and contacts are stored in s6 or if they are even accessible using explorer.
    I suspect it would be easy with smartswitch if I just knew where to touch the black flickering screen when smartswitch on the PC is prompting user to permit access on the s6.
    Could/would someone connect a working s6 to a PC with smartswitch and capture the s6 screenshot(s) when permission is granted? I think I could then use them as overlay template(s) and allow necessary permission.
    I sure would appreciate it. Of course if there's another way without repairing the s6, that'd be good too.
    06-29-2019 11:41 AM
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    Memos, no. Contacts should be at Google Contacts, and if you set up another phone on the same Google account (existing account, not new account), it will sync the contacts.

    Memos would probably take a rooted phone, a SQLite editor and a knowledge of SQL. (Almost any app on an Android phone that has no backup function of its own is like that.)
    06-30-2019 02:21 PM

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