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    So I think this may have something to do with my question but, my storage was running out on my phone so I decided to delete all of my folders. When I looked at my camera roll, all my videos and pictures we're gone. I found a way to get my pictures back but I can't get my videos back. I've tried different apps, and those don't work. I hope they aren't gone forever. Is there a way to get them back. *Note: This may not be super important but when I got my files, my camera roll was filled with random pictures of some emoji like pictures and videos of ads I had seen.* If you do know how to fix this problem, please respond back. Thanks!
    07-03-2019 12:22 AM
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    It's a pretty safe bet that deleting all of your folders also deleted your photos and videos. Meanwhile what process did you use to get the photos back? Recuvva or something like that? I think with software like that you can only look for one type of file at a time, but you did say that you got some videos of ads, but where they videos or GIFs with sound? You might check that app or software and see if there are other settings to look for other file types.

    I take it that you don't use Google to automatically backup your photos and videos? It may be too late now but you should have some kind of backup, if not with Google then with some other cloud service, Samsung, HTC, Verizon, DropBox, someone, somewhere just in case you delete something or loose your device.

    How are you trying to view these photos and videos, through the same file manager you used to delete them, via a cable connection on a PC, a Gallery app? Have you tried the Google Photos app? If your device was doing any kind of auto backup it will likely show the items there. Photos should be a native app on your device if not check the Play Store and access your account by signing in or granting access. As with most Google products just having a Google email means you have an account with that service, you just may not be actively/knowingly using it. You might check your Google Drive app the same way. Drive is where the backups are stored if you're using Google to backup.

    As for the additional stuff you found what happened was whatever search or recovery you used simply found every single similar item on your device or SD. You don't normally see most of those listed with your photos and videos because the folder they are included in has a nomedia file. Simply put this file says don't look here to Gallery, File Manager and other apps searching for media files to prevent what you're experiencing now, a bunch of the wrong files being displayed. Typically only the app directed to that file can find, pull or use these images when they are needed. Like the game that shows you the allergy GIF for an inhaler.

    Please become a member so that you can reply to this thread and help us better understand what is happening. Please include;

    What device you have?

    What you did to restore or recover the files you did get back?

    Where and how you are trying to view these files?
    07-03-2019 11:12 PM

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