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    My phone recently broke. I am using an old LG-D415 from t-mobile, AS 5.0.2

    I am not used to this phone yet (friends( but havent found an easy solution to the issue.

    The phones home screen specifically, reset to default and is flashing to black and back to default. No not auto-bright adjustments. (Only the picture is doing this)

    The top screen status or HUD (battery life, time etc.) is neither visual or operational.

    And the menu button will not open to its specific task of closing apps (ive tried changing the bind). These are the only problems I've encountered.

    I have tried
    Clearing data/space

    Updating/uninstalling apps

    Turning off and removing battery and SIM

    I reset it to factory default (previously) and had it transfer what it could from my old phone. I am reluctant to reset it again in theory that it will fix the problem only to run into it later.

    If you have any experience with or info on this problem I would appreciate the assistance.
    Here are some specific variables that could be causing problems or initiating this "system alert"-like behavior such as

    Alternate service provider (MINT)

    software/hardware incompatibillity (runs most general things fine)

    Life is getting tired of me and would like to eradicate all of my nice things (probable)

    07-09-2019 01:22 AM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Does it also happen in Safe Mode? If so, it's probably either firmware corruption or hardware failure. It's a 5 year old budget phone, so it wouldn't be too surprising if it were failing.
    07-11-2019 05:56 PM

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