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    Guests who post questions asking about the meaning of notification icons seen on a partner's phone cannot reasonably expect an answer from us. We understand why these questions are asked, but we are not in a position to help or comment.

    Often, no mention is made of it being on a partner's phone, but since no-one would ask about something on their own phone - you have only to swipe down to see more notification details - it's obvious that the question is about someone else's phone.

    There are several things to bear in mind:

    First, icons with hearts in them do not necessarily have a sexual or romantic significance.

    Second, people do have sexual and romantic relations. These are likely to be concealed from partners, so don’t expect notification icons as indicators. Some clever people may even hide secret relationships behind innocent-looking decoy icons.

    Third, by asking us what such icons mean, especially without stating up front that they are on someone else's phone, you are trying to use us to help you invade someone's privacy, and that we will not do.

    There may be occasions when enquiries about icons are justifiable - such as those seen on the phone of a young or vulnerable person - but that would have to be fully explained up front, and preferably, by leaving us out of it and just talking to that person face-to-face.
    07-11-2019 06:59 PM
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    Additionally when you like a Twitter post you get notified about, a heart shows up. Same happens if somebody likes your post.
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    12-04-2019 03:12 PM
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    In my case it happened to be a heart rate monitor I had installed on my previous phone. I have I also agree with the posts above. It is virtuality impossible to find the meaning of an icon on an Android or another person's. For example, if you seat 10 people at at table and then starts shuffling around the seating arrangements ie move who sits next to who, on left or right, 2 chairs to the left, 3 chairs to the right you end up with over 1000 possible scenarios of seating arrangements. Coming back to millions of android models, operating versions, apps and combinations of these the scenarios runs into their millions.
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    04-19-2020 02:45 AM

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