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    I work in construction, and have multiple projects. I have an MMS text string to each of my projects. All have a few people in common, and then quite a few additional people. I have up to 16 people on each text string, sometimes three projects, each with its own text string. I'd like to have a header or label for each text string to show which project I'm receiving a text from. Willing to change MMS app. Currently using Mighty-Text on lapp top, Sansung Galaxy S10+, field personnel have mix of Iphones and Androids, one with flip phone who never knows whats going on....

    07-12-2019 01:15 PM
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    You can show which phone (or other computer) you're receiving a text from, but I think that's as far as you can go, unless you create Contacts groups, one for each project, then put each person into the group(s) that person belongs in. You might get notified that the incoming text came from that group - but only if no one was in more than one group.

    Otherwise, you'd have to do it by training - the first word or words of the text should be the project name.
    07-12-2019 05:05 PM
  3. VidJunky's Avatar
    Yeah I was thinking contact groups too... I'm trying to think how that might work or look. I'll assume that the in common people are workers and the uncommon people clients... If you put the uncommon people in groups based on the project name you could include them to a string all at once and if the common people were in a group labeled workers, let's say, then you could start a message thread with Project X, and Workers, then one with Project Y and Workers and the thread title wouldn't show a hundred names and numbers but the two names.

    On a side note, even if you add the same people to a group that are currently in a thread the thread name won't change, you'll have to restart the thread using the group names.
    07-12-2019 11:19 PM

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