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    I was listening to music yesterday night and the music stopped for a second and after that the rooster alarm tone started playing, but not entirely. It played about two seconds then it cut off and the music continued playing normally. I lifted my phone to see what was happening and I saw the "android.process.media has stopped" error message. It was weird because I didn't have any active alarms at that time and nor I never used the rooster alarm tone. Couple of months ago a song started playing without my phone having any media players, radio, apps or browsers active neither I knew the song that was playing. There were also no notifications. Worth to mention is that the song got interrupted with intervals and the name of a radio station got repeated. That song only played, nothing after that, it ended completely. I am more than 100% sure that I hadn't left any applications open that might play audio. Should I be concerned, what can I do, any advices?

    English is not my native language, sorry for any mistakes.
    07-25-2019 11:40 AM
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    Welcome to Android Central! Which phone? What app were you using to play music? Do you media files saved to an SD card? The android.process.media error often appears when there's a corrupt media file, and this is more likely to happen on an SD card rather than Internal Storage.
    07-25-2019 12:40 PM

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