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    I've had this problem for a while. It think it happens if I play music from my phone to my car over bluetooth and then abruptly interrupt it by turning off my car. The music will then pause, but spotify will for some reason keep using a lot of battery. This morning I woke up and saw that both Google Play Services and Spotify had been active for 14 hours and drained 15% of the battery each, both 'while in active use' even though I only played music for about half an hour since last charge. Easy solution is to remember to just close spotify, but I'm not good at remembering that. Does anyone know why this happens?
    08-07-2019 12:43 AM
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    Spotify is a streaming service, correct? I know with my radio app that streams if I do anything that causes it to pause, like unplugging headphones or moving out of range of Bluetooth, it continues to download content that can be unpaused and played from where I left off. I would imagine it being something like that, I don't use the service so I'm not 100%, but this is what it sounds like. Meanwhile if we knew what device you have offering advice on how to best handle this would be easier. For example if you had a Samsung you could try the sleep option they offer under Device Care>Battery. With this option if the app continues in the background it will be put to sleep when the device goes to sleep or sits unused for a period of time. Other devices may have similar or other options.

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    08-07-2019 03:20 AM
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    If the app is running, it uses the same amount of battery whether the sound goes to Bluetooth ... where it stops because there's nothing connected to it - or to the speaker. If you want it to stop, you have 2 choices:

    1. Hit the Back button to stop Spotify, then turn the car off.

    2. Install an app like IFTTT or Tasker (not free, but well worth the $3) to turn Spotify off if Bluetooth turns off. (It would be the "end" of the Bluetooth trigger - you could have no task assigned to the "on" trigger, so if you're listening to Spotify in the house, by speaker or earphone, the task wouldn't have triggered - it doesn't do anything when Bluetooth connects, but kills Spotify when Bluetooth disconnects.)

    I'm not sure how it would work in IFTTT, since I use Tasker, but it should be similar if it has the Bluetooth trigger and can kill an app on loss of the trigger.
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    08-07-2019 01:35 PM
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    Welcome to Android Central! Is Battery Optimization turned on for Spotify in the system settings? If not, try turning that on (and hopefully that won't also make it turn off after the screen has gone to sleep).

    EDIT: Sorry, after re-reading VidJunky's post, I realized I'm suggesting the same thing as he did.
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    08-07-2019 07:52 PM

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