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    After having issues preordering the note 10+ 5g 512gb I went back on to the Samsung upgrade lounge and now they are out of stock, this is the same for preorder without the upgrade path. Does anyone know how long it takes Samsung to update thieir unit stock again?
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    08-08-2019 05:24 AM
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    Same thing happened last year. They create a dynamic tension keeping stocks artificially low. They may even be holding units back for a few days to whip buyers into a frenzy. Verizon (my experience from last year) had supply issues that pushed shipping dates into mid-October of 2018 for top-specced Note9s unless, if I recall correctly, you wanted a less desirable color.
    08-08-2019 05:37 AM
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    Hold off on ordering until the "shortage" is over and the price might be lower.
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    08-08-2019 11:38 AM

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