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    I was hacked and now when I try to reset I get

    Current binary: Samsung officiall

    Stem status: Official

    FRP lock: on


    RP SWEV: B1 (1,1,1,1,1) K1 S1


    DID: 20208B09721FD811
    08-10-2019 01:25 AM
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    Unfortunately you have not provided enough information for us to offer you any pointed advice. Please register an account so that you can reply to this thread, before creating another. Provide information like what makes you feel you've been hacked, when you noticed the issue and what if anything have you done to abate the problem.



    What about this makes you feel that you've been hacked? It looks like everything is locked and secure, what am I missing???

    Meanwhile, it is very unlikely that you have been hacked. Let's start by answering these questions;

    Has your phone been out of your control for several hours or even a day?
    The closest to hacking an Android phone is rooting the device. Rooting involves unlocking the system files and is not something that can be done remotely or in just a few minutes. Most root methods take over an hour and are specific to each device. There is no one size fits all root method so they would have to know your device and have had control of it for several hours at least. If rooted the stats you show would have very different values.

    Why would someone hack you?
    Do you work for a company with intel to trade? Is that intel on your personal device, or is this a work device? If the latter then give it back to your IT department so they can deal with the threat. If not what would be the advantage to hacking you? So they can change your social media status, know where you are every second of the day, know who you are talking to or messaging? In that case we've all been hacked, Facebook, Instagram, Google, and most carriers and phone manufacturers already do this or know this about us. So unless you're carrying around valuable intel for a corporation there would be nothing worth the time it would take to target you.

    Do you have a jealous current or former partner?
    Nothing you showed in your stats indicate that you've been hacked, but your association with certain people can make you question how secure your communications are, and yes there are apps that can track and report this information, but it requires access to install and set-up. However with the stats that you've provided a factory reset should remove any such app, provided that you don't use the auto restore function, and then scrutinize the apps that you reinstall.
    08-10-2019 02:25 AM

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