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    Hey everyone, I have a Galaxy S6 and a while ago dropped it (in it's case - not the first or last time) and ever since then the bluetooth signal has been glitchy and lost significant range. I can actually make the signal cut out by placing my finger over the top left slit in the frame. I checked that the bluetooth wire(little blue wire) was ok and it was fine, but I'm not sure what component on the main motherboard would be up in that top left area that would drive the signal to drop out when putting my hand up there. Any ideas?

    08-10-2019 02:45 AM
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    This actually kind of sounds like the old iPhone thing where the metal frame was part of the antenna and if the user held it so that their finger bridged the gap, from one metal portion to the other, they would have signal problems.

    Anyway, you say you checked, so you opened the phone? Not that many of us would know what color the antenna is, LOL, but you traced it back to radio and it was still connected, because it sounds like it might not be. Antenna connections are pretty stout but if deflected just right can come off. I think they are shown at 16:00 in this video.

    My advice is just to check the video against what you saw when you checked it.
    08-10-2019 04:41 AM
  3. Agreif's Avatar
    Yeah, I did check that. I actually replaced the blue wire because I thought that would do it (thought it came loose) but didn't make a difference. You think there is an antenna up top?
    08-10-2019 06:56 PM
  4. VidJunky's Avatar
    Actually I'm not sure where the antenna are in this device. With the iPhone that had this problem the whole body was part of the antenna. I'm not sure if Android does that. Yeah I really thought checking to be sure both ends or however it was connected would be the key to this because I've dealt with those tiny connections and it's easy to think it's attached and really you've either slipped to the side or just sitting on top of the connection.

    Does it only happen if you touch the metal? You might try a piece of cellophane tape. It's clear so no one would notice it and it would just prevent you from touching it. A case might be better...
    08-10-2019 11:53 PM

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