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    If I try to record a video, it will tell me another app is using the video codec, close the app in recent and try again, meanwhile there's no app in recent, help!!
    08-10-2019 04:41 AM
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    Right, it isn't in recent it is running invisibly in the background, maybe. So the two things I suggest are;

    Go into settings>applications>permissions and take camera permission away from all apps. (Don't worry anything needing the camera will ask for it when you open the app again, but this comes into play in the second thing you need to do.) Back out to applications and clear the cache and data for your camera app. You may have to enable, show system apps, to find it. Then restart your phone.

    The second thing you will need to do is pay attention and test. After taking permission away from the app that is tying your camera up there will come a time when you open that app up and it will request permission to use the camera. This is where you need to pay attention, so as you begin granting permission to each app, pay attention to which app it is and then test your camera. When or if it stops working the last app is most likely the culprit behind the issue. Now there's a chance that it was just a glitch, a bug, a one time thing, so you may never see the problem return, but if it does this will give you a place to start from, to identify the problem.

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    08-10-2019 05:21 AM

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