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    I am looking for a new mobile phone, I tend to keep my phones for at least 3 years, which is one reason I like the Android One program. Another reason, is because I've been wanting to go back to Nokia a lot recently. I will be looking on eBay and Amazon for phones/reading reviews, etc as well, so if you recommend something that may be higher than that ($300 would be my top amount), I may consider it.

    Currently using a Samsung Galaxy S7 (SM-G930U). I'd love to not get a new phone but the provider I am currently thinking of using (a sub of T-Mobile) says that my phone won't work with them. I do not have a computer (only a chromebook), so can't flash different firmware as people have suggested. From my understanding, my version should've been unlocked - and I thought I'd used another company in the past (currently on TextNow, a Sprint Sub) and a few weeks back I was stranded for a couple hours (at a store, so no biggie other than being annoyed lol) because my phone wouldn't stay connected to the service and when it didn't hang up, it was basically un-usable as the people couldn't hear me, or vise versa). SO, I'm not sure if it is a phone issue or a service issue.

    I'd like to stay around the same dimensions, screen size (or possibly a bit larger, but I'd prefer to stay under 6"). I mostly use my phone for e-mail, facebook (the site, not the app), music, podcasts, a few games (only play them a few times a week/month), ride share apps and a few fitness related applications (that I also use only a few times a week). I do like to take photos, so I'd like a decent camera as well. I'm not bothered if it has a USB-C or micro-USB, as I currently don't own anything that is USB-C. Expandable storage is also a must. Dual Sim (if dedicated slot, as I've never had a hybrid, so not sure how difficult it is to swap the sim vs the storage). I'd also consider non Android One phones that quickly receive updates (both security and OS). I'd like the phones to be from 2018 and newer.

    Also, because I don't have a computer (just a Chromebook), I'd rather not have to change anything/root the phone to get it to work properly.

    Sorry this is so long and thank you so much.
    08-16-2019 09:49 PM
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    Any unlocked GSM phone should work, but try Walmart (Straight Talk phones with a pink map are for TMobile specifically, and Walmart Family phones use TMobile (and they have WF phones for as little as $30).
    08-17-2019 03:27 PM
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    Hi, welcome to Android Forums

    I'd like to recommend creating a account so me or other members can assist you, as guest have limitations in replying here and if we need further Information to communicate with you.

    I'll provide a link to register, please come back to your post so we can further assist you . Thank you

    08-17-2019 03:58 PM
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    Thank you both. I am actually a member, I wasn't aware that I hadn't been logged in yesterday when I asked. Now, I don't know if I can link the two or not. I was going to quote it and say it was me but thought that may had been confusing.
    08-17-2019 07:40 PM

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