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    My tablet is going in for repair and I have to wipe it.

    I have easily transferred all the data from the Samsung tablet to a new one.

    All except my sent emails from the default email app, of which there are over 2000.

    How can I get the splits database off my tablet to transfer to the new tablet?

    Or is there another way that does not entail 'save email to file' over 2000 times!?
    08-17-2019 02:23 AM
  2. MarkAntB's Avatar
    Ok I've registered now.

    I of course meant the sqlite database, and not what my tablet auto corrected!
    08-17-2019 02:53 AM
  3. hallux's Avatar
    Is this not a Google account where all the sent mail would be saved on Gmail?
    08-17-2019 07:19 AM
  4. MarkAntB's Avatar
    Is this not a Google account where all the sent mail would be saved on Gmail?
    It's a personal email, the sent emails are only stored on the tablet.
    08-17-2019 08:52 AM
  5. Rukbat's Avatar
    Whether it's personal or anything else, your phone isn't an SMTP server, so you're using some email server. That's what hallux asked you - are you using the gmail server, the yahoo server, your company's server, what?

    When you wipe all the emails on the phone, they're wiped. If you delete the emails in the Sent folder, they're deleted. On the phone. Not on the server.

    Besides, most techs repairing the tablet have 5 or 10 waiting behind yours, so they wouldn't have the time to snoop around in yours. If they're doing something that takes time (like glue setting, or something), they put yours aside and start on the next one. If they can grab a smoke once an hour, they're lucky. Snoop in your phone? He's got more interesting things to do. Like see if he can hit on that chick out in the sales area, looking for a cute case for her phone. Or stretching his cramped fingers. (I used to work on customers' HIPPA databases, making corrections directly in the database. [No, just because your office is in Chicago, that doesn't give your NYC customer a 312 area code, so I'd correct it, that sort of thing.] When I was working on the second record, ask me what was in the first record and I couldn't tell you. And that's information that's illegal to give out. Working on a few phones at once? That's why sometimes you get a phone back from a repair shop with the wrong repair. They couldn't even keep straight which device gets what repair. They're not going to read your [deleted] emails.)
    08-17-2019 03:40 PM
  6. MarkAntB's Avatar
    I don't care if they do read them.

    The problem is the ONLY place these sent emails are, is on the tablet.

    The tablet WILL be wiped anyway, by the authorised repair company, whether I do it or not, due to European data protection laws, I live in the UK.

    This is why I am after finding the sqlite file.
    08-17-2019 07:41 PM
  7. ManiacJoe's Avatar
    Most email apps have an "export" ability for just such an emergency.
    Which email app are you using?
    08-18-2019 04:39 AM
  8. MarkAntB's Avatar
    The default email app:


    There is no export, unless it's very well hidden.
    08-18-2019 07:19 AM
  9. ManiacJoe's Avatar
    I just noticed that my email app also is lacking an export option. :-(
    However it does have an archiving option for IMAP servers.
    08-18-2019 05:45 PM
  10. MarkAntB's Avatar
    For anyone else who reads this.

    Called Samsung and did an online chat. There is no way to transfer sent email to another samsung device nor to a pc.

    I guess I could of learnt how to root it and retrieve them that way but I was very pushed for time.

    I had to save each individual email 1 at a time to my saved folder (1600) , then connect to my pc and save that folder to my pc.

    Any email with an attachment wouldn't save to the saved email folder on the tablet (around 400) so I had to forward each email separately to myself then save them to a folder on webmail, on my pc.

    Thanks Samsung!!
    08-20-2019 01:10 PM

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