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    I recorded a phone call from last month but forgot to save. it's not in my inbox anymore (latest visible date is August 1st).

    Where can I find this old recorded call?
    08-19-2019 06:40 AM
  2. anon(10614692)'s Avatar
    If you didn't save it, there is nothing to recover.
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    08-19-2019 07:06 AM
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    I'll provide a link to register, please come back to your post so we can further assist you . Thank you

    08-19-2019 08:41 AM
  4. ManiacJoe's Avatar
    Which phone?
    Which version of android?
    Which carrier?
    Which call recording app?
    When you say "inbox" are you talking about email?
    08-19-2019 04:02 PM
  5. joellepw1's Avatar
    I signed up.

    How is there no way to find it? I didn't actively deleted it... it's just unsaved. isn't there an app where i can restore it? Thank you very much for your help...

    I have a Samsung S7, the recording app is "call recorder".
    the unsaved but recorded calls are in a folder with the name "inbox".
    08-20-2019 05:15 AM
  6. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! It will probably depend on how the app deals with calls you didn't save, but my guess is that it might hold the call in its app cache temporarily, but at some point that data gets cleared out. If you can't access the call recording any more from within the app, it's most likely gone.
    08-20-2019 01:43 PM
  7. Rukbat's Avatar
    How is there no way to find it? I didn't actively deleted it...
    Because there was nothing to delete. The call gets saved to storage as it's progressing, but only the name and starting point are saved in the directory until you save the complete call. (There's no way to know how long it's going to be or what clusters it's going to end up using until it's done.) So if you saved it to an SD card, you might be able to recover most of it - if you don't mind waiting a week and tying up a laptop or desktop. See PhotoRec. But if it was "saved" to internal storage there's not much you can do. (Unless you follow the instructions for recovery from an iPhone at that site, and your phone is already rooted. Rooting it will almost definitely wipe the "recording" before you can recover it.)

    it's just unsaved.
    Which means that it's not a file, it's in RAM, with parts maybe stored temporarily to storage until you save it.

    isn't there an app where i can restore it?
    No. Every time you run another app it overwrites what Call Recorder put into RAM. Every time you restart the phone or turn it off, RAM is wiped, There's nothing there to "recover". (What you do have, though, is some storage that you can't recover, because it was marked as being used - but since the directory entry was never finished, you can't delete it. And the only ways to recover that space are to do a factory reset or to reflash the ROM. Leave well enough alone and next time, make sure that you save the recording.)

    By the way, in the future, when you replace the phone, you won't be able to record calls - that's been removed from Android as of 9.0.
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    08-21-2019 05:15 PM

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