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    Today is really the first real day on battery so i will update in a few days once i get a good gauge for what's going on, the cams seems about the same to me, i never thought the S10+ cam was bad so it's hard also to gauge.
    I am however a bit disappointed in a handful of things out of the box..

    1. When i switched my SIM over to the new phone as Tmobile instructed me i kept getting network errors and network lock errors, never had this happen before and i've switched phones a ton, after a few tries it seemed to "heal" itself and show up with 4G.
    2. When i got home later in evening and i was on my home WIFI, which is enterprise grade Unifi gear it was taking me 15-20 minutes to download a single app from the play store, i have a 2GB/2GB connection fiber coming into my home, i tried other devices and nothing was wrong with my WIFI, it was the phone. I switched off WIFI and to mobile data and things worked as normal, but when i switched back to WIFI it was doing weird ****.
    3. I'm a huge fan of "Night Mode", i immediately enabled that, when i went to charge my phone last night it had totally died because i was installing so much all day and taxing it pretty hard, i get up this AM, turn it on and its in Day Mode, i clicked the button in the drop down menu to put it in night mode, it went back to night mode, its not set on a schedule or anything like that.
    4. I get in my car and hook my cable up to it and it switches back to Day mode every time the screen would go into the standby screen, once i tap the screen it would go back to night mode.
    5. So, all that being said and in my experience, i dont think the hardware is bad but maybe some type of corruption in the initial OS install.
    6. I spent ALL day yesterday setting this up, worst part is entering usernames and passwords for hundreds of apps and setting up Samsung Pay and Google Pay, makes me call my bank, at this point, rather than continue on what i consider to be a not so solid foundation i think i may factory reset it, start over, and if i have issues after that ill send it back for a full replacement.
    08-22-2019 10:31 AM
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    08-22-2019 10:48 AM
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    We have a full forum talking about the Note 10 if you like to join in
    08-22-2019 10:49 AM

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