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    Motorola g6 that updated to pie 9.0 a couple of months back. My apps are ALWAYS updating. Every week I am running through dozens of updates. I really do not have many unused apps on my phone. Most of them are task related, I am not a gamer by any stretch. When on Oreo 8.1 I received the expected amount of updates, as I had with earlier versions of Android. This seems excessive now, the same apps updating weekly or even multiple times weekly. Has anyone else noticed an increase in the amount of updates pushed since getting 9.0. I understand this may relate to good attention on the developer's part of fixing and smoothing up things. The caveat in thinking, is, how can so many bad patches get pushed through that require multiple fixes in the same week. Yea, my phone is older, basic and the updates affect performance while constantly updating. I also do not see the overall benefit of spending many more hundreds of dollars for the potential broken phone, out the money issue. This is just a noticible change that is apparent since the OS updated to 9.0. I am just curious if there is a difference with 9.0 that will have this become the norm. I am not opposed to updating to a newer phone with better specs but really do not need to; other than to combat my logjam of constant updates that get my phone running glitchy while constantly updating apps. I am very happy with the bare bones of the Motorola phones so far as I am on my 3rd model over the past several yrs. I prefer to stay as close to stock Android as possible, so I am not really into those flags or mid-range from the players that overlay all of their preferences on top of the Android system. Anyway, long enough description. Any feedback is awesome, even those who will chime in with all the satire too! Why not, hope someone has something decent to say about it all, and at least if not I'll laugh it up if you throw some good stuff at me!
    09-06-2019 06:37 PM
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    Keep in mind that Google just released a new version of Android. Many app developers are pushing updates to include support for Android 10, even if the app had just been updated last week. Apps won't show updates more often simply because your device is running a certain version of Android, the update frequency is entirely decided by the developer releasing an update to the Play Store.
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    09-06-2019 08:20 PM
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    Look in the play store for the last published date of an app that's updating - and you'll probably see that it's recent. Developers were updating during the last Beta, then discovered that they had to update again after the release - then after the second release the same day (that's only happened once before, for one phone). So lots and lots of updates recently.
    09-07-2019 02:12 PM

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