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    I want to setup Do Not Disturb to mute everything and only vibrate and ideally only vibrate for my favorites. The new update to android apparently prevents other apps from doing this but maybe there is something out there to do it? I think it is ridiculous that in these days I cant mute my phone when I turn on DND with favorites.. I also cant change my vibration pattern for my texts.. so I never know when I get texts when DND is turned on and my phone is in my pocket.. Apple does it.
    09-29-2019 06:32 PM
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    I've been looking at this post for a couple of nights now and thought maybe it was just me having a hard time following. Meanwhile if I understand it correctly, you want to mute everything sound wise. However if your favorites can get through that would be acceptable and preferably they would vibrate without sound.

    Since you didn't say which Samsung you have I will base my advice off of the Samsung S10+ that I have. Under DND there are options, that I'm assuming you've looked at but that I will kind of recap anyway. Allow exceptions offers the user the option to mute alarms, media and touch sounds in addition to the calls and notifications it is already muting. There is also the option for calls and messages, each with options of their own for whom to allow through the DND shield. Among these are "Contacts only", only numbers that you have stored in your device as contacts, "Favorite contacts only", only those contacts that the user has marked as favorites, "None", no exceptions so all calls and messages will be blocked. The exceptions continue with "repeat callers", I believe that this assumes anyone that really needs to get through will call more than once, "event/task alerts" & "reminders", ensuring the user doesn't miss anything they may have set-up in advance of activating DND. My guess is that your issue with these settings is that they allow the device to make sound even when DND is active, which I believe is easily solvable.

    My advice;
    Set up DND to your liking. Allow, deny whomever you want through the settings in the DND app. In your quick settings, accessed by pulling down the notification bar at the top of the device, move DND to a convenient position and next to it put the sound control. Tapping it once will set the device to vibrate, twice to silent and a third time to restore sound. While DND is active only the conditions that you have allowed will alert the device. With the alert controls set to vibrate only, these alerts and notifications will only come through as vibrations. I believe that takes care of 2 of 3 of your issues.

    As for the third issue, vibration patterns. It can be done but will require some effort on your part. Depending on which SMS app you are using, most offer custom notifications for contacts and some will allow you to customize the vibration pattern as well. You will have to explore these options since I don't know which app you have. You can usually get to these options by opening the SMS thread started with a contact and looking for the contact settings, usually 3 dots or 3 lines in one of the upper corners. Mine says customize with a sub category of notifications. In your Samsung Contacts app each contact can be assigned a custom ringtone and vibration pattern. In the Google Contacts app only a ringtone can be assigned, but the Samsung app draws from the Google app so setting one should affect the other and vise versa.
    10-06-2019 10:57 PM

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