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    Hey,I use opentrack software for head tracking in games and it's nice but the problem here is that I need to attach the phone to my headset and the headset is on my head. Is the radiation dangerous for the head ?can it cause cancer or some other problems to my head?
    10-05-2019 09:20 AM
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    No, that's way beyond "urban legend" territory.

    "Radiation" can cause cancer. Cellphones give off "radiation". But ingesting water can kill you. (Drink about 10 gallons and you'll become so overhydrated that you'll die.) Ionizing radiation causes cancer.The UV portion of sunlight causes cancer. Suntan lamps (tanning booths) cause cancer. But cellphone radiation don't cause cancer. Radio and TV signals don't cause cancer. WiFi, Bluetooth and microwave ovens don't cause cancer. (If you could stick your hand inside an oven while it was still running, your hand would cook, but you wouldn't get cancer.)

    An hour with no shade around noon in the summer is more hazardous than a lifetime of cellphone radiation. (If cellphone radiation were cancer-causing, two-way radio radiation would be just a little less cancer-causing, and we''d have a lot of police, sheriffs and firefighters with cancer.)

    So strap the phone to your head and stop worrying. the worry will give you a headache, all the cellphone will give you is weight on your head. (And that's if it's in direct contact with your head - since energy falls off with the square of the distance, and the phone signal is probably 10 times as far from your head when it's on the headset than if you were on a phone call, that's even more safety - if you needed any.) There's only one reason SAR was established as a standard - to make people feel better. Maximum cellphone power is 1 Watt. (And if you have a decent signal, it's even less.) Many of us walk around with 5 Watt (or higher-power) radios for years and don't have any problems.

    (If you work at a cellphone tower and you're not careful - radio frequency signals cause heat, and a signal of even 100 Watts [legal limit in the US is 500 Watts per channel] on a wire in direct contact with your skin can cause a nasty burn. [I walked around with a scar from one for a few decades until it finally faded to the point that I can't find it any more.] But cancer? If all radiation caused cancer, land life on Earth would have ended around 600 million years ago, when the first creatures climbed out of the water and were exposed to sunlight.)
    10-05-2019 04:09 PM

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