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    The Outlook App on my Android phone updated on October 4th 2019. Since then it appears to have two bugs:

    When I go to compose a new email the cursor appears in the "To" line for less than a second and then jumps to the body of the email. This is really annoying as I am accustomed to start typing the recipient's address straight away. Now I have to manually postion the cursor back in the address line.

    If I go to compose a new email but then back out of it without entering a single character (no address, no subject, no content) a draft copy now gets created. This did not happen previously. Another annoyance.

    Please can you correct these issues, particularly the first one, as a matter of urgency.

    10-07-2019 07:38 AM
  2. mustang7757's Avatar
    Hi, welcome to Android Forums

    I'd like to recommend creating a account so me or other members can assist you, as guest have limitations in replying here and if we need further Information to communicate with you.

    I'll provide a link to register, please come back to your post so we can further assist you . Thank you
    10-07-2019 07:52 AM
  3. methodman89's Avatar
    Have you cleared the cache partition and rebooted yet?
    10-07-2019 07:57 AM
  4. adabar's Avatar
    Account created.
    10-07-2019 08:07 AM
  5. adabar's Avatar
    Yes, I've wiped the cache partiton and rebooted. No change. The Outlook app still exhibits these two bugs.
    10-07-2019 08:11 AM
  6. seanpbaldwin's Avatar
    I don't know how to resolve your issue however, when I create a draft, the cursor stays in the "To" line. Perhaps the first problem is fixed.
    When I exit out of the draft with nothing in it it still saves a copy. A pop-up message offers the option to discard. It is a little annoying, especially when you have nothing in any of the fields.
    10-07-2019 09:38 AM
  7. Rukbat's Avatar
    Just one thing:

    Please can you correct these issues
    Microsoft created, and maintains, Outlook. We're just here to help people with their phones, we don't fix apps. We have nothing to do with Microsoft (or Google or the manufacturer of your phone). Email Microsoft if you want to let them know what problems they introduced in their latest update.
    10-07-2019 03:25 PM

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