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    If I've posted this incorrectly in the forums, could one of the mods please redirect this to the best appropriate section for traffic? Thanks in advance.

    I believe this discussion has been tossed around for what kind of screen protector would be most effective for the Note 10+. Now I know the Note 10+ comes with a film screen protector preinstalled by Samsung, but here's my question...

    When it comes to film vs. glass screen protectors, which one would be the better protector recommended for the Note 10+? ...But here's the kicker...

    The Otterbox Defender is considered the most durable, most resilient protective case for the Note 10+, and I'm considering investing in that for protection. What I want to ask is which (glass vs. film) screen protectors would work best with the Otterbox case, and more importantly, which screen protectors would be compatible with the OD case?

    I've been browsing around on Amazon and MobileFun and found different cases like the Whitestone glass dome protectors, but I've been seeing a lot of mixed reviews (and even fake/bloated reviews on Amazon) as people have tried using protectors like Whitestone, but they don't work with cases like the Otterbox Defender.

    In short, or TL;DR, What would be the best case-friendly film or glass screen protector, not accounting the preinstalled protector, I could invest in for the Note 10+ with an Otterbox Defender protective case?
    10-19-2019 12:53 PM
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    To quote from another post of mine, a glass screen protector serves only TWO purposes - it can be replaced if it gets scratched or rubbed, and if the screen breaks (or both the screen and protector break), it keeps the screen from breaking into sharp shards that can slice your fingers. It does not keep either the protector or the screen from breaking. The protector Samsung puts on does the same thing.
    10-19-2019 01:39 PM

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