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    Hi guys i happen to buy OnePlus 7t. I once lying on sofa happened open my camera app to check the quality as the phone was new. There was a window at the side of me and sunlight was coming through it. The sunlight was falling horizontally on the camera of my phone. I saw a black patch on my screen which is like something is burned. For your reference i am attaching the picture.

    Block Image
    Block Image
    I went to OnePlus service center and according to them this was some light effect which was being created due to sunlight. We were not able to get same sunlight atmosphere there at service center so I was not able to prove them the defect. So they denied to replace my handset under their policy of replacing mobiles found defective under 10 days of buying. But thanx to Amazon they replaced my OnePlus 7t. I tested the same thing with my new OnePlus 7t but they patch was not so severe this time. But there was a very very light patch similar to the previous one. Please check in below picture.

    Block Image
    Also there was another small white circle their whose picture is attached below.

    Block Image
    I request you to please check above issue of mine friends and help me know what is exactly wrong with my camera. Has sunlight burnt my camera ? Please help
    11-15-2019 05:00 AM
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    11-15-2019 05:51 AM

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