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    I have an LG Stylo 4 and all was well until i installed a recommended update yesterday. After the update some of the apps, such as Robokiller which rely on Conditional Call Forwarding, are not working. I have Cricket which supports that call forwarding. Also, i am not getting sound notification for Calender and Messaging.
    Any ideas on what's wrong. LG said i need to send it in to do a total wipe of the entire phone. I have done a Factory Reset Twice but it did not resolve the problem. Larry C. PianoMan
    11-21-2019 11:21 AM
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    11-21-2019 11:43 AM
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    11-21-2019 11:44 AM
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    They meant "Do a total wipe, so you won't think that we're stealing any of your data, then send it in to us so we can fix it." (And make sure it's going to be fixed under warranty, because you can buy a gently used, but working, one for under US$70 on https://swappa.com/search?q=lg+stylo...cUvbUpU6694095. If it's not going to be fixed under warranty, it's your choice - send it in and see if the charge to fix it is less than a used one (yours is used, so you won't lose anything by buying a used one, and Swappa is a good, honest site - one really bad transaction and you're barred from ever posting a phone there again, so sellers over-sell tiny little scratches that show up in macro shots under just the right lighting, that you'll never notice). And what it's going to cost to get it back if you decide that you don't want it fixed. (You might just get a used one, and sell the one you have to someone who can flash the old ROM. Or you may want to find someone who can show you haw to do that. It will eventually update anyway, but flashing back the old ROM isn't that difficult. Unfortunately, LG won't allow the bootloader to be unlocked on that phone, so you can't install TWRP for an easy backup, so you'd have to follow Backing up an Android Device each time. Maybe it's time to get a phone in the same price range, with the same functions, on which you can unlock the bootloader, and for which there is a version of TWRP, so you can do backups if you need to. [I always do a full backup, data and system, before a major update. And data backups before patch updates. Just not on a Stylo 4.])

    If he did a factory reset, there's nothing in the phone that won't run in safe mode - all he has is factory-installed apps.
    11-21-2019 04:41 PM

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