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    I have no gmail account linked to my phone which is (galaxy s7 edge) this phone came with preloaded built it microsoft apps like one drive excel words skype this morning i turned the phone on and i got a notification from playstore saying updates available i tapped on it.
    It took me to the updates section of the playstore usually the updates are from google apps and google force update them but this time its not just the google apps but skype and snap chat as well and when i tapped on the update buttons of both skype and snapchat they started updating i freaked out that its ok for google apps to update without gmail account but why skype and snapchat is updating if i am not wrong playstore needs a gmail account to update and install third party apps kindly clear my thought i hope someone would answer me asap and clear my instrusive thoughts thanks

    much regards,

    kevin p
    11-25-2019 03:29 PM
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    Welcome to Android Central! Have you already looked in the Play Store app's settings and turned off the auto-update option there? Are you also sure it's not the Galaxy Apps Store that's automatically updating those apps?

    Also, when you open the Play Store and tap the Menu button, can you confirm that there's no Google account associated with it?

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    11-25-2019 04:21 PM

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