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    I will be in the middle of tying a text and hit one of the predicted texts at the top and it will change my whole keyboard to the symbols as if I hit the symbols key in the bottom left corner. How can I make this stop? It happens randomly so I am thinking it might be a bug but I have downloaded other keyboards and it does it on them as well.
    11-25-2019 11:41 PM
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    What phone do you have?

    What app are you using?

    You only mention texting but does this happen in other apps or in the browser? You may not use predictive text in these apps so it may need to be tested.

    What happens if you keep hitting predictive text? Hit it once, get symbols, hit it again, get letters, hit again symbols, or it stays symbols once it starts acting up?

    Initially I was thinking it had something to do with how you were holding the device. Since you have to reach up to hit the prediction maybe your palm was contacting the symbols key without you noticing. This would also explain the randomness of the happening, since you might not be in the same position typing every time. However you mentioned it happening with other keyboards whose layout may be different so that would be something you would have to observe and report. Which keyboards have you used?

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    11-25-2019 11:57 PM

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