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    So almost 2 years ago I was sitting with my brand new S8 at the side of a pool. I was a life guard at the time. It was pushed in & it fell to the 3ft deep bottom. It was quickly rescued by a nearby swimmer and I removed the battery and put it between paper towels. At the end of my shift (about an hour) later I went home and put the phone in rice over night and through the next day. I turned it on and it was glitchy. Thankfully the next day was Black Friday and I bought a new phone rather than fighting with it during finals. Yesterday I turned the old phone back on looking for pictures and it seemed to work fine, at first. It’s a little glitchy when it’s loading something & the battery life is poor, but it’s not bad and is so close to fully functional. The stickers do not show water damage at all, but I haven’t looked at the inside one. Is there a way to repair the phone and resume using it? I loved that phone and don’t care about the one I have now. Does anyone know how much it would be to get a new battery and fix the glitchy-ness if it is even possible?
    11-29-2019 12:12 AM
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    Welcome to Android Central! If water got inside the phone and caused corrosion of any components, then the damage is already done. Trying to figure out which components were damaged and need to be replaced could be a wild goose chase, because it could lead to multiple trips to a repair shop (and therefore multiple payments) as the technicians find additional components that were damaged. You can still bring the phone to a repair shop to get an estimate, of course -- just be prepared for the potential cost.

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    11-29-2019 01:58 AM

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