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    I have a note 8. It works fine so here is what just recently happened.
    1. My Note 8 just want off

    2. It won't turn on no matter what I do.

    3. Tried to on using download mode but nothing

    4.tryed the hard reset but nothing

    5.I did the volume down and powerbutton but for 10 sec nothing happened.

    6. As soon as I plug in the charger it starts to boot up till Samsung logo and restart again
    And continues / boot loop

    7. And I tried to goto download mode it went ....And as it said to press volume up to continue ..so as I pressed it restarts again.

    Help me someone
    Email me ur ideas on what could be wrong please

    [email address redacted by Mod]
    01-05-2020 03:25 AM
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    Welcome to Android Central! It could be a bad battery, or a motherboard issue. You probably have to bring it to a repair shop for more diagnosis.

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    01-05-2020 03:43 AM

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