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    Sometimes when driving using Waze or Google maps when directing me or warning me about something it sometimes misses part of the direction or warning. Same issue when listening to music either streaming or music that is downloaded to phone. Phone is connected to car stereo and it happens in both of my card so I ruled out head unit problems. First I thought Android auto issue but it happens even when not using Android auto.
    01-07-2020 05:13 AM
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    Welcome to AC Forums. Is it only when using a GPS app, or is all you do with it in the car is use GPS apps?

    To communicate easier create an account so that you can reply in this thread. This link will help you do that.... https://forums.androidcentral.com/as...-new-post.html

    In the meantime I found this old thread with similar issues. At the end there are 3 posts where different things were tried and said to work. You can check it out here... https://forums.androidcentral.com/mo...-skipping.html

    I know I've seen more posts on this here and online. Once you register you will more easily be able to browse through older posts and see more answers to this issue. Unfortunately I must log off now. If you have not received a reply by the time I return I will post more.
    01-07-2020 05:42 AM
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    01-08-2020 08:08 PM

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