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    In my Google web and app activity, it says Android used self-provisioning what does that mean? Also in my Android Google activity it says interacted with unknown device, how do I figure out what that device was?
    02-11-2020 12:49 PM
  2. Galactic Zoo's Avatar
    1. See https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/suppor...e-cucm-00.html
    2. You will have to use your memory. It could be another device, phone etc
    02-11-2020 01:14 PM
  3. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Please register on this forum, which will allow you to engage in discussion more easily, as well as post images. https://forums.androidcentral.com/as...community.html
    02-11-2020 02:15 PM

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