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    As manufacturers, you should make user friendly softwares, why is it so difficult for Android phones to accept SD cards? Why so difficult to find a way to move some stuffs to SD card? It is almost impossible, and i have to struggle. I wish you can see how people complain on YouTube.

    For my old nokia(2011) it was very quick and simple to see and use SD card on the phone it was like a computer and external drives. So now with android we have to dig to find the developer which is not sometimes helpful, like my phone, the developer option doesn't open SD card.
    02-15-2020 12:15 AM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Be aware that this is an independent community forum, without any direct affiliation with Google or any other company.

    What do you mean by moving some stuff to the SD card? If you mean installing apps, one of the reasons it's always been an issue is that SD cards are by nature slower and less reliable than onboard storage, so the user will be much more likely to run into problems with trying to run an app from the card. This is why we usually recommend against using Adoptable Storage if you can avoid it. Personally, I find SD cards easy to use if all you're saving to them are documents and media files.

    I'm not sure why you have to find the Developer Options to use the SD card. Are you trying to see the card on the PC when you connect via USB?
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    02-15-2020 12:21 AM
  3. Galactic Zoo's Avatar
    Your Nokia may have been quick but would struggle to run any if today's apps.A slow phone like that wouldn't cause stress to the SD card.
    Today's powerful devices cause SD cards to fail because they are just not up to handling repeated read/write operations. An SD card just cant handle this and become corrupt.
    If the manufacturers produce devices adopt your suggestion I bet you would got more than ten times the amount of people saying "Boo Hooo, I lost all my data.
    SD cards are insecure because they can be removed.
    Do you still play games on a PC using a floppy disc? Why not?
    If you need a large amount of memory but an appropriate phone that matches your needs and just use your SD card for media
    02-15-2020 04:32 PM
  4. Rukbat's Avatar
    More and more apps won't run if they're moved to SD cards (why they won't would get into a very technical discussion), so many developers disable the ability to move the app to the SD card - because if you move it, it won't work, then you'll email them asking why and take up time going back and forth until you admit that you moved the app to the card - and just noting in the Google Play listing not to do that doesn't stop many people from doing it anyway.

    And the more capabilities Android gets, the fewer and fewer apps will run from an SD card.

    You can still move files - pictures, music, documents, videos, etc., to the card. (If a file won't move to the card, you may have a bad card. Cheap cards are cheap for a reason, and that reason isn't the manufacturer's desire to save you money.)
    02-15-2020 06:40 PM
  5. me just saying's Avatar
    app developers cannot win for losing. users complain because of the lag when running apps from a sd card, then they complain when you cannot install the apps on the sd card. the reality is, it is all about performance. you have the exact same problem when trying to run programs from a usb portable drive on your computer. fortunately phone storage is at the point where most users really do not need external storage.
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    02-15-2020 08:02 PM

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