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    I have a note 10 and although the hands free is clear to listen the microphone on the phone is pretty poor as people cannot hear very well when making calls. Is it possible to add a mic to make the sound clearer for the person receiving the call?
    03-10-2020 09:47 PM
  2. mustang7757's Avatar
    You can try pull down notifications panel tap Dolby Atmos and choose clear voice see if it helps.

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    03-10-2020 09:52 PM
  3. Rukbat's Avatar
    If you plug anything into the jack, the speaker is cut off too (the phone assumes you're plugging in a hands-free), so you'd need a speaker and mic (not a good idea, you'd probably get feedback) or a hands-free.
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    03-11-2020 04:14 PM

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