1. nessbob72's Avatar
    I'm asking here rather that a specific phone forum because this keeps happening with my Note 4 and my Xperia X5 I keep as a spare.
    What keeps happening is after working fine for some time my phone suddenly decides the SD card is unsupported and needs formatting. If I chose to reformat it it tries then says Card couldn't be formatted try again. Later when I put the in my SD reader on my laptop it can't format it either.
    It happened first of all with my Note 4 when it crashed big time so using the X5 I bought a new card and used it ok for about a week till it happened again. The Note 4 is typically tempermental bordering on unstable but the X5 despite it's age is stable as a rock. All 4 SanDisk cards I have bought this month have gone the same way. The last one this morning in the Note 4,it was bought last friday.
    What do I store. Images, photos, podcast episodes and videos I make of my guitar playing using my laptops webcam. I also direct any app data I can to the external card to save storage in internal memory.
    Any ideas what the hell is going on?
    I get the idea it maybe my laptop is the common factor but that's a sense, gut feeling pretty much based on nothing,
    03-28-2020 06:42 AM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Did you buy these cards from the same place? If so, was it a big retailer, or was it a random online seller? Counterfeit cards are still a big problem, and you're more likely to get counterfeit cards from places that aren't well-known.

    If the cards were all from a well-established retailer, then it might be the Note 4 that's causing the problem. I recall a while back that certain Samsung devices were more prone to causing SD card corruption, but I can't remember if the Note 4 was one of the common culprits. Let me ask around.
    03-28-2020 01:35 PM

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