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    My mother has been using the standalone messenger app on her phone for a while, and recently I created a Facebook account for her, and the standalone app disconnected from her local old phone 'account', and was forced to connect to the new Facebook one on her standalone phone app (it 'logged her out').

    So now all her old 'phone based' standalone history is gone, and she wants it back - reconnect to it, as it has important messages from people she is not 'friends with' on her Facebook account. She does not want to use Facebook and has deleted her account, but the standalone phone app, still refers to the newer account, and not her old extensive standalone phone app history.

    Is there someway to reconnect to the old account, or at least to find and save the cache, and possibly import the old entries into the new profile? She's on android 4ish from memory.
    04-04-2020 10:35 PM
  2. VidJunky's Avatar
    First you cannot have Facebook Messenger without a Facebook account tied to it. When she deleted her old account it warned her that deleting the account would also remove Messenger. She could have froze the account, it may be called pause, but either way, she could have hidden/froze/pause the old account and maintained the Facebook Messenger associated with that account. Facebook actually gives you 60 days I believe to reactivate a closed account, which may or may not restore the messages but will give her access to all of the people she connected to through that account. While you may look at the Messenger app as a stand alone item it is not. The app is just a convenient way to view and send messages but must have a Facebook account to work. Again this warning is given when you go to the Delete My Account page, and it actually asks then if you would rather Pause/Freeze or whatever your account if you would like to continue to use Messenger. Otherwise she will have to invite all of her old contacts to her new Messenger account and they will have to accept again. One thing to note is, you don't have to be friends on Facebook to be connected on Messenger, if that was her goal but you have to have one to have the other.
    04-09-2020 01:21 AM

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