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    I have a Slider, Model SL101 with current firmware, Android 4.0.3. I love it but...

    I have terrible problems with text entry boxes on web forms. Often when I select a text entry box, the default prompt text (which is usually only there until you select it) will become my text entry, and I have to erase it before continuing. I've had problems with punctuation not appearing, and with being unable to place a space at the end of a line. The worst is that sometimes when I erase characters, they appear to be erased, but then when I am finished and submit the form, they are back, and I just submitted something entirely different than what I saw on the screen when I was editing. It's terrible, especially for a device whose main feature is the keyboard! I especially have this problem when entering Facebook status.

    I've tried every browser, and they all do it. I have not had problems with any other Android apps.

    Does anyone else experience these problems? Any solutions, or settings I can try?
    01-23-2013 01:29 AM

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