1. Randomhero180's Avatar
    Anyway to calibrate the touch screen? I can't find anything about it.

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    01-05-2012 10:22 PM
  2. tony1ant's Avatar
    I would like to know the same thing. Ever since the firmware update this week my calibration on the screen is off
    01-07-2012 01:28 AM
  3. 631735's Avatar
    I thought I was experiencing the same as well but try the Super Note app and open up a template. I ran my finger along and the trail was dead on where my finger was. It may be the Asus launcher that has precise touch points. I'm finding I have to be more precise on a touch than say my android phone. Also I don't get how navigating text cursor seems to be way off where I intend it to be. Maybe this is honeycomb
    01-07-2012 03:45 AM