1. BoostHungry's Avatar
    Anyone know if a 3G/4G version of the Transformer Prime will be coming to Verizon in the next 2 months? All details/rumors I see are over a month old and vague to say the least. Has there been any recent rumors or hints of a Verizon Transformer Prime?


    02-07-2012 09:24 AM
  2. TekNinja81's Avatar
    The information I came across could be completely wrong, but I've read on a few sites that the 3G model was canned, possibly due to lack of demand/cost issues.

    I can tell you this much, up here in Canada we rarely seem to get any of the 3G-enabled tablets for some reason...
    02-07-2012 11:29 AM
  3. digitalslacker's Avatar
    not sure on your specific use case but can't you just get tethering on a Verizon LTE phone and connect the TP via wifi?

    That's what I do, works well.
    02-08-2012 11:42 AM
  4. mikenzinbfe's Avatar
    someone in another android forum two weeks ago who indicated he was in india, reported he had actually bought a tf202 the 3g enabled version. i haven't heard anything more on the product since but then again i don't typically read from indian or asian web sites.
    02-12-2012 10:49 PM