1. allan1313's Avatar
    So firstrowsports works great for football, but I can't get it to work on the prime with baseball. It works on my computer after I downloaded a stream torrent program, but I can't find any app like that for the prime.

    Has anyone gotten it to work with mlb or found another streaming site that works on the prime.

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    04-08-2012 04:22 PM
  2. dr12487's Avatar
    I've never had much luck watching MLB games from those sites. MLB is notorious for clamping down on them, even on YouTube highlights.

    I've watched NHL games on FirstRow on the Prime and was actually surprised at how well it worked. But I assume the torrent download is required to skirt MLB, making it harder, if not impossible, to watch on the Prime.
    04-30-2012 02:45 PM
  3. iPhone4s79's Avatar
    I can tell you the video streaming on MLB at bat 2012 works awesome.
    05-01-2012 11:53 AM