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    I can't seem to find out what all the keys mean on the keyboard. In particular the A and S keys (I think..I don't have the TP in front of me) have a circle around them and just curious what this means. I do know what all the ones on the top row do (screen capture, settings, etc).

    Thx. I checked in the manuals and online and can't find this anywhere.
    04-27-2012 11:50 AM
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    ASUS puts those on their laptop keyboards as well ^

    They're for quick location and a reference point, no special function, like the raised bump on F and J keys.
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    04-27-2012 04:36 PM
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    Here ya go

    Note: The "Menu" key is the key that looks like 4 horizontal lines, next to the "Alt" key.

    At the home screen:
    Menu + W = change wallpaper
    Menu + M = manage applications
    Menu + N = show notifications
    Menu + A = add item to homescreen
    Menu + S = new search (or you can just start typing)
    Menu + P = open settings
    Home + B (or Search + B) = open browser
    Home + C (or Search + C) = open contacts
    Home + L = open calendar
    Home + Esc = exit back to homescreen

    In the browser:
    Menu + N (or Ctrl + T) = new tab
    Menu + I (or Ctrl + I) = zoom-in on page
    Menu + O (or Ctrl + O) = zoom-out on page
    Menu + J = open download manager
    Menu + L = open search bar
    Menu + R (or Ctrl + R) = refresh current page
    Menu + F = find on page
    Menu + B = open bookmarks
    Menu + H = view browsing history
    Menu + D = add bookmarks
    Menu + S (or Ctrl + S) = open social network sharing menu
    Menu + G = page info
    Menu + E = select text
    Menu + P = open browser settings
    Menu + W (or Ctrl + W) = closes the current open tab
    FN + Tab = toggle browser toolbar on/off when it's hidden
    Ctrl + Shift = select input method (universal outside of browser also)

    In Gmail:
    C = compose new message
    L = go to Label menu
    X = check message in Inbox
    V = add Label to current message
    M = delete highlighted or checked messages
    Alt + Up = go to top of Inbox
    Alt + Down = go to bottom of Inbox.

    Shift + Backspace = Forward delete (like a full keyboard "Delete" key)
    Ctrl + X = Cut
    Ctrl + C = Copy
    Ctrl + V = Paste
    Hold ALT + TAB = Show recent apps window and cycle in forward order(may not work in certain apps due to tab focus on certain elements in app) - (Only for HoneyComb 3.2 And Above)
    Hold ALT + Shift + TAB = Show recent apps window and cycle in reverse order(may not work in certain apps due to tab focus on certain elements in app) - (Only for HoneyComb 3.2 And Above)
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    04-27-2012 09:05 PM
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    Thanks guys. Dumb that they put circles around the 1 and 6 for nothing. I do understand the nature of the bumps on the f and j - "home keys" for touch typing.

    Oh well..at least mystery solved.

    Thx again
    04-28-2012 08:48 AM