1. flipbeats's Avatar
    When do you guys think Asus will throw out another update to us? I'm hoping they fix the browser more because it keeps crashing. I like the stock browser because of the flash option but it lags the asus a lot, though i'm at 2 bars only cause my the wifi for the prime ultimately sucks.
    05-13-2012 12:06 AM
  2. leeshor's Avatar
    An update is in late stage testing but I don't know if it will solve YOUR issues. If you try Dolphin HD for browsing do you have the same problems? You could always go to the apps in settings, find "browser" clear the cache, force stop them restart your TF

    As for the WiFi, a poor connection could also be causing browser problems. Try a restart of your router as a first step. If that doesn't work try a public hotspot to see if it persists.
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    05-13-2012 02:21 PM
  3. flipbeats's Avatar
    Thanks for the update, I don't think its the router its more of the antennas from the prime that are the issue , which is the issue for a lot of primes, i'm literally right near like 5 feet from the router and I have 2 bars. if i go a little closer I will get 4 bars. its just annoying the wifi isn't reaching up to its best. ill prob try clearing the cache if that helps.
    05-14-2012 09:21 AM