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    Revolve xeGeo - Universal Hybrid AC Travel Charger and Battery Backup for iPhone, Droid, EVO, Kindle, iPod, and more!

    xeMilo features:
    Plugs directly into the wall, replacing existing chargers for multiple devices.
    Long-lasting 4400mAh internal battery provides hours of extra use time for thousands of devices on the go. Plus, the battery is replaceable!
    Powerful 2.8 Amp output charges up to TWO of your devices and the internal backup battery at the same time!
    High-quality glass encapsulated PV panel for charging from the sun.
    Displays the amount of power stored in the internal battery.
    DC 5V USB charge input for recharging from car adapter, computer, or other external source.

    Wondering if I can use this to charge up my Prime?
    06-14-2012 08:50 AM