1. kautilyaasus's Avatar
    hello - I have searched a lot on this but no luck so may be I am out there on my own - I hope not!

    My new Asus Transformer Prime 201 (little used since I got it in July has started to crackle from the speaker,= serial no c10kas069214 12

    It started a few daya ago. It may be pure coincidence but cracklingg started after I found and accidentally switched on the google voioce/talk recorder on it.

    It crackles erraticlly over music/voice when it is playing back music/voice from my own archive of MP3s etc.
    After it had sat switched off all night, it played back with no crackle.
    Switched it off, Turned on an hour or so later and crackling starts again.

    Just now I turned off music and the erratic crackling continues even though nothing is playing.

    Have not dropped it
    Have moved it away from signals at my laptop (turned it off), and away from battery free mouse,

    when I press house/home icon to go to home page it gets worse, hand off crackle reduces.

    If I and when i hold house/home icon down it sshows a radiating semi-circle with word Google
    in a bubble on top of the semicircle.wave symbol circking oout

    If I start playback of a video BUT keep the volume switch right down for that video, I GET the crackle and only the crackle from the

    If I turn the sound up I also get the crackle over the video playing video.

    If video music is playing (and so speaker crackling too) and I then pause the video the crackle goes away.

    I wonder if it might be the google microphone thing on the home screen - I have searched to find out if there
    is a way to disable that ( and so eliminate it as a possible cause -- could it be still recording while I am playing something else and
    the result be feedback (tho not the usual whine feedback of a mic) but a static crackle.?

    If I hold my thumb on the right bottom set of icons and pull it to right or left along the glass scree, the erratic crackle turns into a smooth hiss!!!

    Ahh - now I find that if I touch and hold my finger on the glass screen and swirl it around I also get the non-stop hiss.,

    Am I causing a radio "short circuit" (remember the crackle only started a few days ago) through the metal - the Prime does vibrate when you touch it when it is charging from the electric mains - same as the new Apple Mac powerbook.... essentially your body on Mac is acting as the earth.....crazy but true.
    And could my crackle have some relation to the GPS Prime metal case issue. (I have the dongle but not used it yet as it is 200miles away......, so cannot test for that_

    I am trying unsuccessfully to record the crackle with tthe Googe mike but dont know how!! (You have to know how to use the TF before you can use it......

    Maybe the only way I can show this is to do a video and post it.

    Thanks in advance for any thoughts - this crackling essentially makes the playback pretty well disastrous.
    10-12-2012 05:56 PM
  2. Va1ha11a's Avatar
    This definitly sounds like a hardware issue. You should get in touch with Asus, and they will probably tell you to send it to them so that they can replace it.
    10-13-2012 03:46 PM
  3. Kevin OQuinn's Avatar
    Contact ASUS, but does the crackle happen through headphones too?
    10-14-2012 09:47 AM
  4. kautilyaasus's Avatar
    Tks re hardware suggestion
    Yes the crackle iwas there through headphones (even when music is playing but volume turned down to zero),

    But - after leaving machine off for 24 hours there was no crackle on turning back on.

    Just checked again and no crackle............................

    The only things I have done in between has been fully to charge dock and screeen batteries (both were charged in the 80+ per cent)
    and b) to clean the screen with the cloth. It was pretty greasy from natural oil on my skin - in case it was some kind of short circuit -- I get no hiss now if I stir my finger across the screen, or drag it over the bottom right screen where the control panel is.
    Weird -
    10-14-2012 11:12 AM
  5. kautilyaasus's Avatar
    Agggh - just switched on and it is crackling in the music mode - as before,with and without volume up/.........

    Which is the best Asus point to complain too - global office wise?
    10-16-2012 06:22 PM
  6. Devinator's Avatar
    Do you want to complain, or, get warranty work done? If you want to get it fixed, look up your number here.

    ASUSTeK Computer Inc. -Support- Hotlines
    10-17-2012 10:51 AM

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