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    Ok. Really need as much help as possible. I am at my wits end with what to do. First off I am not very tech savvy but have tried everything I can to resolve this and nothing works so over to you very knowledgeable guys and gals.

    I am having serious problems using BBC IPLAYER on my Asus Eepad Transformer prime.

    I am a complete TV fanatic. Especially using the BBC website in the UK. When i originally got the tablet( with the keyboard) i was umable to view bbc iplayer. It would allow me to search and select shows but when the page loaded it showed me everything but the black square where the shows picture should appear along with the triangle play button did not show. To add to this it would not even allow me to open up the full description of the show. Instead it would open then close again in a split second. For some reason BBC IPLAYER then updated several months down the lime and I was able to view shows. It also then allowed me to view live streams of the tv channels which I loved and also allowed me (when the function became available to rewind the live tv up to 2 hours). The problems then began abput 2 weeks ago. I noticed on my mums Ipad that BBC IPLAYER had changed on her ipad. But on my Asus nothing had changed. However on restarting my Asus one day i noticed BBC IPLAYER had changed to the new version and I can now not view any shows. I get the same issue as previously whereby i can search for the shows, select them then I juat get the black square, I also cannot view live tv anymore which is very frustrating.

    Previously I would have to request a desktop site on my Asus otherwise it would put me on its mobile site. Now however there does not seem to be a difference and regardless I always get the mobile site the same as if I use my samsung phone.

    I have tried reinstalling flash but it does not work. Also tried resetting. Does not work.

    I am missing all my favourite shows and cannot work out the problem. PLEASE HELP??????
    05-22-2014 11:41 AM

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