1. Seven_Speed's Avatar
    So I got the hit app for my Galaxy 2 NBA jam. cool game it rocks . So I wanted to put it on my tablet and for some reason I can't find it on my play store. I can't find it at all. No NBA jam for Asus transformer?
    05-11-2012 08:59 PM
  2. Seven_Speed's Avatar
    so i guess no one tried to get this app on the transformer?
    05-13-2012 10:24 PM
  3. GripnRip's Avatar
    I've wanted it for a while. I've been hoping EA would update it so it works. I know it works on other Tegra 2 devices. It seems like how Gameloft supports other Tegra devices, just not Asus devices. I don't understand why. Hasn't the transformer series sold more then anyone except the Galaxy Tabs?
    05-14-2012 12:50 PM