1. coreno's Avatar
    I know there has been talk with other phones and devices to get them to dual-boot operating systems. This one just seems extra ripe to dual-boot. It's probably just me trying to justify the cost.

    Would you guys dual-boot a stripped down Windows XP or a light-weight version of Linux just for a little extra functionality?

    Do you think the keyboard option makes this much more attractive to developers/hackers/enthusiasts to get a working dual-boot environment?
    04-22-2011 10:32 AM
  2. Parker9706's Avatar
    I'd like to see Linux on the transformer! With the dock it would make for a really awesome computer! I'm sure someone will get that going.
    04-22-2011 11:01 AM
  3. KingChicago's Avatar
    Is the Tegra2 able to be dual booted? I know the Viewsonic dual booter had an intel chip inside, not the nvidia.
    04-22-2011 11:50 AM
  4. fm123's Avatar
    I don't know about dual booting, but the Atrix runs two OS's. If you drop it in a webtop dock it runs Linux, Firefox version is Ubuntu. So the Tegra 2 can run other OS's, I believe the developer kits support Windows CE and some other possibly newer additions.

    Here is a post from the beginning of last year (noting how old Tegra 2 is)
    What operating systems are supported by Tegra? | Tegra Developer Zone
    04-22-2011 12:57 PM