1. SpaceCracker's Avatar
    I know Honeycomb currently does not allow you to save apps to the sd card. Anyone know in a future update if they will resolve this for the Transformer?
    06-15-2011 01:37 PM
  2. jon_stewart's Avatar
    I don't see it as something that needs resolving. Why would you need more than (min) 16Gb of space for apps?

    What data or files need to be in the main memory rather than, say, on a class 10 microsd or sd card?
    06-16-2011 02:19 AM
  3. Richard Devine's Avatar
    So just to clarify (before i change from ipad to one of these) apps install by default to the on board memory? Do they do as with previous versions of android and install their data by default to SD card?
    06-16-2011 04:30 AM
  4. hargoth#AC's Avatar
    for backwards compatibility with software installers, the 16/32 GB internal drive is mounted as /sdcard, so in a way, yes.

    The external cards, either microSD or full sized SD in the keyboard are mounted under /Removable which is not known to android installers.

    However, underneath, it looks like:

    /mnt/sdcard (default place for android sdcard installs)

    Most apps will look in both locations for music or video files. But I don't know of a way for apps to put data under /data/Removable
    06-16-2011 12:44 PM
  5. jon_stewart's Avatar
    Agree, and I believe that there will probably be some changes to how external cards are handled.
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    06-16-2011 03:29 PM