1. johnnybravo7478's Avatar
    I have a serious problem: my daughter start an update on the rooted tablet (FE170CG). Ofcourse, the tablet stuck. Well, I didn't panic. I've downloaded firmware from ASUS website, and start to flash it with fastboot. But nothing worked. Tried several firmwares, also from producer site, still nothing. After lots of desperate tryies I managed to flash something, but instead of k012 I discovered it waS a k017 image. After that I couldn't use nothing. The Droidboot starts, or in normal boot it loads the ASUS logo ant then stucks there. Can I test the consistency of partitions somehow, or the consistency of the data inside those partitions? Is it possible to be something erased in one of those partitions? Can anybody point me to how to get a diagnose to be able to guess what's crushed?
    I can only use the fastboot. Nothing else worked. I couldn't use ADB, for instance, in windows. Also, in Linux I cannot connect the tablet. It shows in lsusb list, but thats all. Don't shows in blkid devices (mounted or not).. How can I solve this very tricky situation?
    03-05-2015 03:22 PM
  2. Dwiputra Dwiputracell's Avatar
    omg same like mine. stuck only on fastboot, unable to enter recovery and unable to update via sdcard. i already tried to flash tethered cwm recovery and tried to flash with a backup from another fonepad 7 but stilll the same -_-
    12-18-2015 04:40 AM

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