1. tomadhuu's Avatar
    Hi all,
    I bought a new ASUS fonepad 7" two days back.
    I face a problem with the fonepad. I installed skype and google hangout
    When I try to use video call thru skype or hangout, I can able to see the opposite person video but they couldn't see me.
    Have you any guys faced this problem?
    Kindly reply me if you have any solution for this problem
    Initially i installed the latest version of skype but when i tried video call, the skype crashed automatically and restarted
    So I uninstalled the latest version and installed the old version of skype.
    Please let me know if there is any solution for this problem.
    10-28-2013 06:30 AM
  2. Theoxdor's Avatar
    Is your camera on the FonePad working otherwise normally ?

    Posted via Android Central App
    10-29-2013 01:56 PM
  3. sinand's Avatar
    I have exactly the same issue with my fonepad.
    11-07-2013 03:25 AM
  4. jagendramishra's Avatar
    Plz check this link http://www.google.co.uk/url?sa=t&rct...Bnn9Gm2-vZY-6A

    In this link people have reported the same issue and said that installing old skype version will fix this issue like


    Skype on Asus Fonepad 7 k004 no problems.

    While this new Skype is an improvement on the previous version, it is not yet as good as the older, but more reliable, Skype, so it is back to good old reliable for me, until the next release.

    Also after installation of this version change setting which installs auto updates for apps.
    02-07-2014 05:34 AM
  5. Suren Shrestha's Avatar
    I also bought FonePad7 . While using Skype , I can see opposite party video but they cannot see my video. This is a problem in FonePad7
    02-19-2014 12:52 PM

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