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    Upgraded from a FonePad 7" to an 8", and very happy aside from one major issue.

    On the FP7, when I got a new text, it would pop up as a Contacts+ screen - and if I messaged from that screen, it would successfully send AND save a copy of the message in Messaging (which I greatly prefer the layout of). So basically I could use Contacts+ AND Messaging concurrently.

    On the FP8, I still get the Contacts+ popup, but if I message from that screen, it forces me to enable SMS for Contacts+, which DISABLES Messaging. Then going into Messaging, I then have to re-designate that as my preferred SMS software, and anything sent thru Contacts+ is missing.

    Why has the cooperation between these two programs been disabled?
    Is there a way that Messaging can generate the popup notification instead of Contacts+?
    12-16-2014 11:11 AM

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