1. vijaymshan80's Avatar
    I am using Asus Fonepad 7, model-K00E, andriod version 4.3, I am getting a call forwarding reminder message as follows "No roaming service. Do you want to check the call forwarding setting?"

    if i press cancel its pops up again..if i press ok, it tries to read the call forwarding setting and says network/sim card error, again pressing ok , it reads again the call settings and updates the following from disabled to +447404000130, the always forward remains Disabled which is normal i beleive.
    Always forward - Disabled
    Forward when busy - +447404000130
    Forward when unanswered- +447404000130
    Forward when unreachable - +447404000130,however soon after again the same reminder message , again the same search, this is happening very frequently and its very annoying....appreciate your help on this....thanks in advance...
    01-12-2015 10:20 AM
  2. z_dane's Avatar
    Hi, I'm also facing the same problem but with FonePad note 6. Did you have any idea to resolve it? Just did the software reset but it won't solve the problem. Please help
    03-08-2015 05:56 AM
  3. YatZeck_WAWA's Avatar
    Hi guys!

    Experiencing same problem. Any clue on this one?
    android 4.2.2
    Kernel 3.4.34
    07-02-2015 03:13 AM

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