1. BA Baracus's Avatar
    I just got the 4.3 update pushed to my ME302C here in Canada. Android is upgraded to 4.3 and the firmware was upgraded to 5.0.11.
    This is for the US version only and not the world wide version.
    Has anyone noticed any changes?
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    01-17-2014 03:58 PM
  2. eclein's Avatar
    I got it also today and so far so good. We always had to reformat our tf300 after every update and today's was my first with the me302c so I'll cross my fingers and wait.

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    01-17-2014 04:38 PM
  3. BA Baracus's Avatar
    2 things I have noticed so far on 4.3 is that my bluetooth speaker works way better than it used to and xbmc will no longer play HD video without stuttering.
    01-19-2014 11:13 PM
  4. eclein's Avatar
    My battery life is much better how about you folks?

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    02-07-2014 08:17 AM
  5. BA Baracus's Avatar
    Battery life has been great! Getting 10+ hours no problem with moderate use.
    02-12-2014 02:21 PM
  6. Craig Lillie's Avatar
    Just got mine a week ago. Just got the nerve to do a system update to 4.3. Like it, but why did the E-Mail widget have to disappear? Before update, it was proudly sitting on my homescreen showing I had 100 e-mails. After update, gone, not even showing in the list of widgets.

    Sniff, I miss him SO much.
    07-24-2014 12:43 PM

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