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    Today I left my ME176CX unplugged when I went out. When I cam back, the screen was dark, and wouldn't respond to the power switch.

    Thinking it might have run down, I put it on the charger for an hour. When I checked it, there was a faint screen glow, but still no response to the power button. So I held the button for 8 sec as per instructions. Nothing. I've got it on the charger, and it cycles through a faint glow, then black, faint glow again, black again. Endlessly. Is this a charging indicator? Or is there something really wrong here?

    As I can't post links yet, here's the link elements to a short video of it.
    03-06-2015 01:17 PM
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    First, letting the battery drop below 40% isn't a good idea - it shortens the life of the battery.

    Second, the first hour of charging a dead lithium battery barely puts enough charge into it to turn the phone off. Leave it off and plugged in at least overnight. Then charge it when it gets down to 40%-50%. (Deep discharging it every cycle will give you a battery life of about 6 months. Charging at 50% ... well, my 2004 V-551 batteries are still giving me about 95% capacity, so I don't know how long they last if treated properly.)
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    03-06-2015 04:10 PM
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    Did that - no change in the outcome.

    The device is in a hung state - there's no indication it's charging, though the display pulses slowly when it's connected, but even after 8 hours, it won't switch on, and shows no response to the hard reset option.

    The display shows no signs of the usual boot process, no batter indicator, no splash screen. It just glows a little bit when it's plugged in to the mains.

    I'm thinking I may have to ask Asus for a replacement.

    Are there any ways to disconnect the power and force a restart?
    Any other approaches I can take?
    03-07-2015 05:26 AM

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